Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have been to this restaurant twice and both times the experience was great. This restaurant’s concept is to use local ingredients so their menu changes monthly and the food is very fresh. Drinks are fantastic and they have more than 20 varieties of rhum. If you like fruit and sweet drinks, try the strawberry balsamic cocktail. The weekends are very busy so I suggest to make reservations specially for larger parties. The experience may be a little pricey specially if you have drinks and food. If you want to stay within your budget I suggest the sangria pitcher that serves at least four and costs around $30.00, instead of a cocktail that serves one and costs around $12.00. The tapas range between $7 and $15 and are small.
My first time at Sugarcane, our server was Paula and she was excellent. She took the time to explain us the concept of the restaurant and make suggestions about the best items on the menu… you could tell that she loved her job and the interaction with the customers.
The second time, our waiter was Tyson and he was very nice, helpful, and always made sure that we had everything we needed.
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